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What is Weather?

Weather is known as any change in the atmosphere on Earth. Weather is a phenomenon which makes the day bright and the skies stormy. Changes in weather bring rain, snow, and sun towards the surface of the planet.

A picture of good weather.
A picture of good weather.

Types of Weather

There are five main classifications of weather. Some of the types of weather are presented below:
Normal Weather - weather which is ideal for everyone is called Normal Weather. 
Light Weather - weather which is good or bad from the measure of normal weather is called Light Weather. 
Extreme Weather - weather which is best or worst from the measure of light weather is called Extreme Weather.

Features of Weather

The study of weather phenomena is called meteorology. Some of the features of weather are presented below:
  • Weather creates phenomena which help change the surface of the planet.
  • Weather phenomena can be views over the surface of the planet, even from large distances.
  • Clouds, dust, and ash, in the sky contribute to weather conditions, besides temperature and water content in the atmosphere.

Benefits of Weather

Weather can become very beneficial. Some of the benefits of weather are listed below:
  • Knowing the weather predictions can help save lives and damage to property.
  • Some weather phenomena change vast areas of land which would take humans many years to do.
  • The phenomena of weather helps circulate water in the atmosphere and keeps the temperature ideal.

Doubts of Weather

Weather could become doubtful. Some of the doubts of weather are listed below:
  • Weather cannot be controlled, like the temperature in a house.
  • Weather phenomena could become very dreadful to experience.
  • Weather is not always good weather and could cause a lot of damage to people and property.

Studying Weather

Weather is studied in weather stations which are located around the world. Every day, the news brings reports on predictions in the weather for the day, and week ahead. To keep oneself safe and secure, it is always a good idea to learn about what types of weather phenomena lie waiting to happen. What type of weather have you experienced today?

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018

This is a list of the Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018
Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018

Tweet 1 of 70  ( and  ( let you publish books online or have them printed.

Tweet 2 of 70
Grab a Chair!

Tweet 3 of 70
Custom T-shirts at DistrictLines, CustomInk, and Zazzle. eBook Publishing on AmazonKindleDirect, and Lulu.

Tweet 4 of 70
I will put my effort and travel the distance. I want to know if it is worth it.

Tweet 5 of 70
I love blogging because it helps me dream of what I can become. I am inspired to blog more as it can provide me a sustainable income from time to time.

Tweet 6 of 70
It's going to be a good year, this year!

Tweet 7 of 70
My goal is to write more, this 2018.

Tweet 8 of 70
I want to read a hundred pages, I know I can!

Tweet 9 of 70
'Someday' is "that day" in your dreams.

Tweet 10 of 70
I would love to rather have a year where everything changes based on what I plan and change in the year.

Tweet 11 of 70
I prepare a schedule based on what I can do per day, and it gets done!

Tweet 12 of 70
Red sky at night, shepherds delight!

Tweet 13 of 70
Writing will make me rich someday - even if just a little!

Tweet 14 of 70
A long study session gives an ideal reason to get stretching.

Tweet 15 of 70
I want to dream, infinitely, about the open skies.

Tweet 16 of 70
Content is the best marketing tool on the Internet because people use it to find things.

Tweet 17 of 70
Studying User Experiences (UX) can help bring data faster to users of digital devices around the world.

Tweet 18 of 70
Social media marketing can be overwhelming without goal-setting. Earlier, there used to be just one major social network, and now, there are more than five.

Tweet 19 of 70
It is right that writing inspiring content encourages readers to open an email, even before they've seen it.

Tweet 20 of 70
I must realize my power!

Tweet 21 of 70
Using written words to create expressions with what you can smell, see, hear, touch, and taste makes moments relatable to.

Tweet 22 of 70
I made my bed today, I changed the world!

Tweet 23 of 70
Journeys are often used at the start of stories to represent dreams or to request the reader to start dreaming!

Tweet 24 of 70
Going against the wind, the airplane can go faster; so it's good to struggle against challenges, to reach goals faster.

Tweet 25 of 70
I must try!

Tweet 26 of 70
Improvement often stops when contentment starts, and that's probably because of fulfillment of goals.

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-think about yesterday
-think about today
-think about tomorrow

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If you cannot make a change, you might be a solution.

Tweet 29 of 70
These days, we call obstacles: milestones...just to measure our progress.

Tweet 30 of 70
Writing makes stories easier!

Tweet 31 of 70
I treat my hobby like a business…

Tweet 32 of 70
I can do it!

Tweet 33 of 70
I want to learn everything I can learn this year, 2018.

Tweet 34 of 70
I want to live my life as I work for a living.

Tweet 35 of 70
I feel motivated!

Tweet 36 of 70
I blog on

Tweet 37 of 70
I care about today!

Tweet 38 of 70
I am myself!

Tweet 39 of 70
Now is Wow!

Tweet 40 of 70
Reasons make dreams possible!

Tweet 41 of 70
It's a beautiful day today!

Tweet 42 of 70
I've created a blog-site and now, I'm preparing content for it. See it here on:

Tweet 43 of 70
Finding good helps stay positive!

Tweet 44 of 70
I feel good.

Tweet 45 of 70
I want to be rich(er)!

Tweet 46 of 70
I believe!

Tweet 47 of 70
I can change my life.

Tweet 48 of 70
Wow! Creating new expectations is the way to go.

Tweet 49 of 70
I'm the best!

Tweet 50 of 70
Start jobs now to finish jobs sooner!

Tweet 51 of 70
Breathing is good!

Tweet 52 of 70
Gratitude can change attitude!

Tweet 53 of 70
Reasons appear when there is purpose!

Tweet 54 of 70
It's going to be a good day today!

Tweet 55 of 70
Every moment is changing the world!

Tweet 56 of 70
I am inspired by my goals to get things done!

Tweet 57 of 70
Anytime is a good time!

Tweet 58 of 70
Things seem alright when people are happy. It's good to feel happy!

Tweet 59 of 70
Motivation brings cheer!

Tweet 60 of 70
Yes! I use Pixabay as a source for free images on my blog. All content is free on my blog too!

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Twitter is all about being brief; a few minutes - that's all it takes.

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You can achieve every single one of your goals by writing goals on paper and working on them.

Tweet 63 of 70
Life in three words: keeps on going…

Tweet 64 of 70
Actionable goals help to accomplish dreams!

Tweet 65 of 70
Anything is possible!

Tweet 66 of 70
I have improved my life!

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First drafts make final drafts perfect!

Tweet 68 of 70
Fiction creates its own reality.

Tweet 69 of 70
Success lies in the details!

Tweet 70 of 70
With the right ingredients, we can bake a good cake!

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What is Radio?

Radio is a technology system which uses radio waves to communicate information. Radio devices are capable of receiving radio waves from radio wave transmission towers in the form of channels on various frequencies or bands such as AM, FM, and Medium Wave frequencies. Radio signals are created when electricity is used to transform information into radio waves for broadcasting.

A picture of radio sets.
A picture of radio sets.

Types of Radio Technology

There are different types of radio. Some of the types of radio are listed below:

One-Way Radio Signal Technology- radio signals which are broadcasted to be received are called one-way radio signals. Some of the types of one-way radio technologies are listed below:
  • Unlicenced Personal Radio or HAM Radio
  • LF (Low Frequency) or Licensed Personal Radio
  • Commercial FM Radio
  • Digital Radio

Two-Way Radio Signal Technology - radio signals which are broadcasted to be received and responded to are called two-way radio signals. Some of the types of two-way radio technologies are listed below:
  • Short Wave Radio or Military Radio
  • HF (High Frequency) Radio or Marine Radio
  • VHF (Very High Frequency) Radio or Air Craft Radio
  • Government FM Radio for Police, Hospital, and Special Forces
  • Satellite Radio for subscribers

Features of Radio

There are different features of radio devices and radio systems. Some of the features of radio technology are listed below:
  • Radio signals can be transmitted in varying frequencies.
  • Radio signals are made by transforming electric current into radio waves.
  • Most popular consumer radio sets are one-way radios since they can only receive radio waves.

Benefits of Radio

There are some benefits of radio technology. Some of the benefits of radio are included below:
  • Radio waves can be transmitted through air, without the need for wires or cables.
  • Radio waves can transmit information in the form of radio signals across long distances, very easily.
  • Radio has made wireless communication possible and powers mobile phone communication around the world.

Doubts of Radio

Radio technology has some doubts. Some of the doubts of radio are included below:
  • Radio devices can heat-up over time and cause burns, if used close to the body.
  • Radio technology is dependent on electricity - when the electricity stops, it stops.
  • Some low frequency radio signals may overlap with each other, causing a disturbance and making communications unclear.

Listening to Radio

Radio has become a regular activity in the everyday lives of the people of the world, since it was invented. Radio sets can be purchased from the nearest electronic store in the neighbourhood to tune in to your favourite radio channels and radio shows. These days, smart-phones have built-in radio systems so users can tune-into their favourite radio channels from any place and at any time. What radio station, channel, or show did you tune-into recently?

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What are Newspapers?

A newspaper or news paper is a type of paper which contains information about events from the North, East, West, and South parts of the world, or a part of the world. Newspapers may be distributed on paper, which is printed with news, or on another medium such as the Internet. Newspapers are very common in the everyday life of individuals on Earth such that people read the news through newspapers, every morning.

A picture of many newspapers.
A picture of many newspapers.

Types of Newspapers

There are different types of newspapers distributed in the world today. Some of the types of newspapers are listed below:
Daily Newspapers - news papers which are distributed on a daily basis are called Daily Newspapers. 
Weekly Newspapers - news papers which are distributed on a weekly basis are called Weekly Newspapers. 
Monthly Newspapers - news papers which are distributed on a monthly basis are called Monthly Newspapers. 
Private Newspapers - news papers which are made available, for subscription or purchase, privately are called Private Newspapers. 
Public Newspapers - news papers which are made available, for subscription or purchase, publicly are called Public Newspapers.

Features of Newspapers

Newspapers have a variety of features. Some of the features of newspapers are listed below:
  • Newspapers contain text, and pictures which convey information about events.
  • Newspapers may be printed by using colored ink or by using black and white ink.
  • Newspapers report about things that have happened, are happening, and will happen in regions of the world.

Benefits of Newspapers   

Newspapers bring new information to people from all around the world. Some of the benefits of newspapers include:
  • Reading newspapers can help people become prepared for events and happenings ahead of time.
  • Newspapers convey everything a person would need to know about, about the world around them.
  • A newspaper presents different types of news articles, on many pages; each page would describe news of a particular type.

Doubts of Newspapers

Newspapers have some doubts when it is circulated. Some of the doubts of newspapers include:
  • Printed newspapers can only convey news in the language, in which, they are printed.
  • Newspapers may cost money, and not everybody who wants to read news likes spending money on newspapers.
  • Newspapers convey news in only one accent or type of a language, which could make it difficult for some people to understand.

Reading Newspapers

Newspapers are a good read every morning. Newspapers help individuals know about the things that will happen in their region of living in the near future and keeps them well-informed of things that are happening today. Newspapers help convey information in the form of articles which could be accompanied by pictures. What newspaper did you read today?

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